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Welcome to the HexSim Project


HexSim is a free, versatile, multi-species

life history simulator designed for building

computer models of animal and plant

populations and population interactions.


HexSim is spatially-explicit and individual-based

and is an ideal tool for studies that involve:

Constructing PVA models

Imposing stressor interactions

Modeling competition, predation, ...

Evaluating landscape connectivity

Conducting source-sink analyses

Exploring landscape genetics

Simulating disease dynamics

- And a great deal more -


Learn more about HexSim:

Read the HexSim Overview on this website.

Visit the HexSim Tutorials page.

Look through the Worked Examples.

Check out the HexSim User's Guide.

Examine the Frequenly Asked Questions.

Download your own copy of the model.


Or you can view a HexSim YouTube video:

Metapopulation Dynamics

Predator-Prey Dynamics

Spotted owl Connectivity

Disease Dynamics (1)

Disease Dynamics (2)

Cellular Automaton

Frogs and Chytrid Fungus