Maned Wolf Model


The HexSim maned wolf model is described in the following manuscript:

Barbosa P, Schumaker NH, Brandon KR, Bager A, Grilo C. 2019. Simulating the consequences of roads for wildlife population dynamics. Landscape and Urban Planning (currently online only).

Workspace Details

The paper cited above describes the basic structure of the maned wolf model, and discusses the experiments that were conducted with it. These studies made use of a range of assumed road properties, which are embedded within the 10 different barrier maps included with the workspace. However, the single maned wolf model provided is linked to just one of these barrier maps (Roads-3). Users who would like to change the road properties used in a simulation may do so by following one of two strategies.

1. Change the barrier properties associated with Roads-3.hbf.

  • In the Workspace tab, use the context menu to edit attributes for the Roads-3 barrier pair named 1, 2.
  • Change the category 1 and category 2 mortality, deflection, and transmission properties.
2. Change the barrier map associated with the maned wolf model.
  • Assign a different barrier map to serve as the Range Barriers (within the Population Parameters / Range Data tab).
  • Assign a different barrier map to serve as the Movement Barriers in the Sub-adults Disperse movement event (within the Movement event group).
  • Assign a different barrier map to serve as the Movement Barriers in the Adults Explore movement event (within the Movement event group).

Option 2 above is the preferred method since it preserves the linkage between the barrier map names and their properties. Users pursuing option 2 would presumably assign the same barrier map in all three steps.

A third option would be appropriate for those who want to create a barrier map with novel road properties. In such a case, users should first copy one of the existing barrier maps, giving it a yet-unused name (e.g. use the Workspace tab context menu to copy Roads-3 to "New Road Map"). Next, the steps in option 1 above should be used to change the properties of the New Road Map barrier map. Finally, the steps in option 2 above should be used to associate New Road Map with the simulation.

All of the patch maps included with the maned wolf workspace have been split apart where they are intersected by the roads captured within the barrier maps (see publication). The maned wolf workspace also includes a patch map (Patch Map [max]) that was not utilized in the published study. This map was assembled from the largest patches that could be created without spanning a road. This patch map cannot be included in the maned wolf model because doing so would cause the scenario to exceed the maximum allowed number of trait combinations (264). One of the other patch maps would have to be removed from the model (including it's corresponding accumulated trait) before this new map could be added.