Overview of HexSim Model Analysis


Census Files

HexSim's census files are the easiest outputs to generate and the simplest to work with. Every Census event will generate an output file, in a CSV (comma-separated variable) format. Users can place as many Census events into the life cycle as they want. For example, Census event output is useful for making plots of population size with time.

Display Spatial Data

The Display Spatial Data tool is accessed through the HexSim drop-down menu. This tool makes it possible to display tally data (CSV) or generated HexMaps as map files. The Display Spatial Data tool has File and View menus.


HexSim reports are accessed through the Scenario drop-down menu. Reports provide a variety of information about what actually happened in HexSim a simulation. Reports are generated entirely from log files, and this is done after a simulation has completed. HexSim Reports produce CSV files intended to be read into a spreadsheet, before the HexSim Report Generator can be used, a log file must first be selected.

The Simulation Viewer

The HexSim Simulation Viewer is accessed through the HexSim menu. This tool allows users to visualize how groups or individuals moved around in the landscape as the simulation progressed.


HexSim tallies are collections of count data recorded for each hexagon in a grid. These counts are incremented over all replicates, and all time steps specified by the user. HexSim tally data can be saved in comma-separated variable (CSV) format, or as Hexmap (HXN) files.