The material on these pages is intended to help you learn HexSim, and there is content here for both new and experienced users. This material, in particular the Tutorials section, complements the User's Guide. The User's Guide explains how HexSim features work, but does not devote much space to model construction techniques or post-simulation analysis, etc. The User's Guide supplies the basic reference material, whereas these pages describe essential strategies for using HexSim.

New material will be added as frequently as possible, so check back periodically. In addition, older content available here (especially in the Tutorials section) will be steadily re-written to improve both its content and presentation.

A brief overview of the material available in these sections is provided below:


This section includes links to material used in HexSim workshops and HexSim-based courses.


This section includes descriptions of the workspaces available at the Downloads page.


The tutorials range from basic background on using HexSim, to in-depth discussion of advanced model features, and descriptions of analyses you can perform after a simulation has completed. Much of the older material here will be replaced as soon as possible, and new tutorials will be developed.


This page provides access to a diverse collection of materials that some HexSim users will find useful. Software utilities are accessed from the Utilities section.


Various software packages are available from this page. These utilities are currently all C programs that must be compiled and run using a tool like Cygwin. Eventually, these utilities will be re-written in Python (or other language) and compiled for Windows.


A collection of YouTube videos can be found here. These videos have all been constructed using HexSim simulation model output.